Our Mission

 To bolster learning, while sharing the love of Christ through encouraging world class entertainment and turn-key educational solutions.


Our Story:

What do you get when you cross an All-American gymnast with a fun-loving physical education teacher?  In our case, you get the high flying, slam dunking, uniquely educating, and kid friendly Gutsy the Flying Fox! 

Kirk Johnson, our friend behind the fur, is a 4-time All-American gymnast from Arizona State University.  Kirk served as the mascot for the Atlanta Hawks (1997-2009) and the Atlanta Braves (2013 - 2016); performing at over 1200 games, NBA and MLB All-Star Games, and 2000 school/church events...on 3 continents!

Connie Johnson, Gutsy's amazing emcee (and wife) is a gifted athlete as well.  Between triathlons, mountain biking, and a variety of on/off-road races, this girl loves the outdoors.  With a background in childhood education (6 years coaching P.E. in public elementary schools and 13 more serving in childcare), she is able to bring home our high-energy, passionate messages, while keeping students' attention. 

The Lord introduced the couple in January of 2006.  They wed on June 11, 2007 and so began the adventure!

A Heritage from the Lord:

Psalm 127: 3 states that "Children are a heritage from the LORD..."  It's been our great pleasure to be called "Mom & Dad" to our boys; Jeremiah and Andrew.  Their energy and enthusiasm keep us young and they've been known make a few appearances at Gutsy shows.


Our Heartbeat:

Though Gutsy's entertainment is out of this world, our desire is to share a clear message with excellence.  Educating our audience is our 1st priority.  Whether sharing the truth of God's incredible love for mankind or challenging students to live drug-free lives; our passion and conviction is evident.  We BELIEVE what we share! 

Proverbs 1:5 - "let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance--"


"A Day in the Life of the Gutsy Family"