Slam Dunk Bullying

Gutsy and Connie the Fox-keeper address 3 groups: 


1.  Students that act as bullies

2. Students that are being bullied

3.  The "defenders"...those who see bullying happen


While teaching students about respect, understanding others, encouraging them to be their best, & teaming up to make great choices, Gutsy shares his "TBS" instructions..."Telling an Adult", "Be a Friend" and "Telling the Bully to Stop"

We absolutely love GUTSY! The students talk about him for the rest of the day after his performances. His show on bullying clearly describes what bullying is and what everyone can do to “Slam Dunk” it. Connie does an excellent job as the emcee, and literally handles everything from the opening introduction to the closing remarks. Even as the students enter the gym, she is already working the crowd! We literally did not have to do a thing other than let them in the building. We have a larger school and did two assemblies: one for K-2 one for 3rd-5th. Each program was tailored to the grade level of the audience, and Connie and Kirk were more than willing to address a few issues specific to our school. If you have the opportunity to have GUTSY visit your school, I would highly recommend it. We plan to have him back again!
— Kelly Pitts - Russom Elementary