It's been our great pleasure to perform at over 150 Upward™ events during the past 9 years.   Not only do we visit churches throughout the U.S., we've coached Upward Basketball at our home church (Johnson Ferry Baptist - Marietta, GA) for years.  This wonderful ministry impacts many lives for the Gospel and has served as the front door for families connecting to church homes.   We love Upward Sports!

How about some refereces??

Hey Kirk,
Special thanks to you and your family for a GREAT presentation at Lone Oak Baptist Church Upward BB/Cheerleading Awards Celebration Friday night! Lots & lots of positive comments and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, etc. of the “fur flying’!

We had 11 salvation responses for asking Jesus Christ to be their Lord & Savior, four unsure of their relationship with Jesus and one who wants to know how to join our church, which we are in the process of following up with a letter and personal contact/visit. Thanks for an excellent gospel presentation. Our senior pastor, Dr. Dan Summerlin was in attendance and noted how everyone was attentive throughout the sharing of the gospel and the entire program.

God bless you and your family and keep the Fox flying!
— Bob Martin - Minister of Recreation/Single Adults Upward Sports Ministry Director - Lone Oak Baptist - Paducah, KY
“Gutsy” was PERFECT for our Upward end of the season celebration.  The gospel was presented CRYSTAL CLEAR and the kids and parents were on the edge of their seats the entire night.  The way he mixed scripture in with practical application was great.  The kids understood what was talked about because of the way things were presented at their level.  Gutsy is a pleasure to work with and will not disappoint.
— Evan Dickson, Concord Baptist - Anderson, SC
Gutsy and Connie the Fox keeper were so entertaining and had everything organized and planned. The Gospel message was simple and clear so the kids were able to easily understand. I’ve heard nothing but great things about our Upward Awards Night! Thank you!
— Vicki Hawkins - Director of Children's Ministries - FBC Madison, TN